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GTX 590, GTX 580 (x2 SLI) or wait for 6xx series

Hey guys. I'm thinking about upgrading my GTX 285 and I need some advice. My 3 best options (within around $1000) I can see are:

1). A single GTX 590
2). Dual GTX 580's
3). Wait and see what happens with the GTX 6xx series (although some reports say that's not coming till 2012 now and I'd love this in time for Skyrim, BF3 etc)

This rig is used for programming, web design and gaming with a small amount of video/3d rendering happening as well. Since I own Nvidia 3d Vision technology I am really only considering Nvidia cards. I've also learned about using a slower card as a dedicated physx card, and I'm considering keeping my GTX 285 around for that task (although it might be overkill with 2 580's).

Rig's current specs:
Dell XPS 730x
1000w PSU (Dell H1000E-01)
Core i7 950 (8 cpu)
Nvidia GTX 285
6 GB DDR3 Ram
(2x) Acer GD235hz

Any advice is much appreciated.

Edit: I should add that I currently only have two 120hz monitors in the setup, but a third might be purchased at some point for surround.
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    Option 2! Or maybe Option 4 which would be 2 x GTX570
  2. hmm well I have two way SLI gtx's 580 and a gtx 285 only for physx. yeah it might be overkill, but you will have no problems running everything at max settings, and what is more; is that you are able to do higher overclock than a single gtx 590. for example my system runs BF3 at ultra settings between 80 & 150 FPs.
  3. whats wrong with amd? you seem to be ignoring them
  4. Since you failed to mention the two most important factors, really can't give any recommendations.

    1)Power supply make and model?

    2)Monitor resolution?

    1000w psu is not an adequate description. A cheapo 1000w psu might put out 700w, which is not sufficient for SLI 580's. It would melt down and possibly cause a fire.

    A quality 1000w psu, can actually put out 1000w. So it makes a huge difference.

    Also if your gaming at 1680x1050, anything more than a single 570 would be a waste of money.
  5. Thanks for the responses so far, let me see if I can clarify a little.

    johnners2981 said:
    whats wrong with amd? you seem to be ignoring them

    I've got Nvidia 3d Vision and a number of glasses, so I'm really only considering Nvidia Cards.

    geekapproved said:
    1)Power supply make and model?

    2)Monitor resolution?

    My power supply is a Dell H1000E-01. I'm currently gaming at 1920x1080, but as I said I'm considering picking up a third Acer GD235hz for 3d Surround, assuming what I choose supports it.

    (OP updated to reflect this information)
  6. yeah the PSU is important, You better get something better than a dell PSU for 2 gtx 580. If your system is loaded with accessories, be sure to pick 1000 or 1200 watts 80plus PSU.
  7. Pretty sure the Dell PSU is pretty good they usually under rate them!
  8. Dell 1000w psu's? What's the world coming to....
  9. 2x GTX 570 2560MB
  10. geekapproved said:
    Dell 1000w psu's? What's the world coming to....

    An end, at some point in the future the star at the centre of our solar system will run out of fuel and consume itself and as it does so it will expand and consume the planets around it including this one.
  11. Derbixrace said:
    2x GTX 570 2560MB


    Two 580s will probably be bottlenecked and you wont see much gains over two 570s.

    Dont bother with a 590 and only you can decide to buy now or wait for the 6xx series.
  12. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I have decided to go with (2x) EVGA GTX 570 Classified cards. Cheaper than the 580's and I probably won't notice the difference.
  13. Yep a pretty powerful setup!
  14. yep powerful but if you are going surround its not a good choice, you will be bottlenecked by VRAM at that huge resolution. anyway stay with one monitor and you will be fine :)
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