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I'm getting an Acer Veriton S670G.
I'm not sure about the true specs(could 4GB ram,cpu the same):
Intel E8300
Intel gma4500m(Not so great)
300 Watt 80% eficcient PSU(The main problem)
My question is does anyone know how much amps on 12v rails are.I can't find it.Can I upgrade to a 5670 or any good GPU without power connectors.
Please help me because I can't afford to buy a GPU+PSU or just GPU and fry my PC.
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  1. Or can Someone tell me how much amps on 12v would be enough for a 5670.I have done a calculation :
    Processor: 65 Watts
    Memory: 1stick 2GB DDR2 (5 watts maybe,i don't know)
    Motherboard:25 Watts
    HDD:20 Watts
    GPU radeon 5670: 60 Watts
    The total consumption 175 Watts so 12V 16/18amps should be enough or am i wrong?
  2. Here's a thread that should have some decent info for ya on a similar topic.
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