GTX 560 ti Twin frozr ii in SLI issue

I'm running 2 GTX 560 ti twin frozr ii's in SLI with an AMD Phenom II 955 3.2ghz CPU.
I have it running 3 27" Asus monitors at 5760x1080.
Whenever I play games even on just 1 screen it puts my CPU at 90+ perfect (Battlefield3 beta)I'm getting about 50-60fps avg which is fine, but am I being bottlenecked by my CPU? I have the settings on high, and my top card goes up to 78-84c during extended game play.
I have an antec 903 case with all the fans up, and a corsair h50 with a push,pull setup. CPU gets up to 40-48c while gaming.

I'm just wondering should I upgrade my CPU? Would that help my performance, cooling the CPU down, and GPU by taking some work off of them?

I'm some what new to all of this, so please go easy on me.
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  1. bump please
  2. I would tend to agree that your CPU is you biggest setback at the moment. Bear in mind that 3 screens (in terms of gaming) means +-3x the work for your PC, so It's not surprising that you're experiencing a framerate drop.

    78-84c is quite safe for your GPU, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    So back to your CPU. I don't know AMD very well, but throw a Core I5 2500K and an H67/P67 motherboard in the mix and you won't regret it. :)
  3. Well I JUST upgraded the Motherboard this week.
    Asus M5A99X. I'll guess I'll wait for the new AMD Bulldozer to come out in Oct. 12 is what i've been told.
    If I upgrade the CPU to a more stout processor think that will help my situation?
    I most game on just 1 monitor, but i'll have the other 2 up.

    With my old motherboard, cpu, psu, and heatsink i'm going to build another computer rig and sell it on ebay or something, that way I don't take a hit on all those parts.
  4. Your CPU is more than adequate for 1 GTX560 GPU, but I 2 of them is a bit much for your CPU to compete with. So yes, I do think a CPU upgrade would mean a significant performance increase in terms of gaming.

    I always use this chart as a reference, so why not wait and see how the AMD Bulldozer performs against the other CPUs?

    Price to performance is always the main thing to consider when upgrading, but resale value is also something to note. Where I live (South Africa) AMD is significantly cheaper than it's Intel counterparts, but Intel Systems tend to have a better long-term resale value when the time comes to upgrade.

    Hope this helps.
  5. I am going to disagree. I own the Q6600 OC to 3.54 and have used it at 3.2 for a while with my Gigabyte 560Ti OC SLI setup, getting good fps. The AMD processors may not be the best when you consider them into higher end gaming, but your processor is doing a fine job. My initial question was about the bottleneck itself, but because you are doing a 3 monitor setup, the bottleneck drops to almost nothing, as at those resolutions, your GPU is being fully utilized, and as long as you are not using CPU physx, which I was doing, you would not see much or any performance degradation. With my current set up, and 3 24 inch Asus monitors, I am getting a steady 60-70 Fps in Battlefield 3 with the new 285 drivers, so I am sure your rig is good for now.
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