3Com Bluetooth 3CREB96 with Windows XP SP2

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Just wanted to share how I got my 3Com BT USB dongle (original 3CREB96,
not the B version) to work with the drivers included with SP2. This
idea came from the following link:

0. Remove all existing BT hardware and software
1. Edit winnt/inf/bth.inf
2. Add "3COM=3COM, NT.5.1" to the "[Manufacturer]" section
3. Add a new section titled "[3COM.NT.5.1]" after the "Device section -
Start" comment
4. Add the following under the "[3COM.NT.5.1]" section:

3com 3CREB96= BthUsb, USB\Vid_0506&Pid_00A0
3com 3CREB96= BthUsb, USB\Vid_0506&Pid_00A1
3com 3CREB96= BthUsb, USB\Vid_0506&Pid_00A2

5. Insert BT dongle
6. Complete HW installation (have Windows search for the correct
drivers if prompted)
7. Done
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  1. 3CREB96 with WIDCOMM Stack!!

    Remove old drivers and unplug the device.

    Instal sofware.

    Modify "btwusb.inf" (located in "(instalation folder)\bin" so that it picks up the 3Com adapter. Add the following lines:

    %3Com.DeviceDesc%=BTWUSB, USB\Vid_0506&Pid_00a0
    %3Com.DeviceDesc%=BTWUSB, USB\Vid_0506&Pid_00a1
    %3Com.DeviceDesc%=BTWUSB, USB\Vid_0506&Pid_00a2
    %3ComDFU.DeviceDesc%=DFUBTUSB, USB\Vid_0506&Pid_ffff

    3Com.DeviceDesc="3Com Bluetooth USB Device"
    3ComDFU.DeviceDesc="3Com Bluetooth USB Firmware Upgrade Device"

    Plugg i the device. When asked for driver. Use the file: "btwusb.inf" (above)

    Use "WidcommLicensePatcher.exe" to make the software accept the device.

    It workt for me :P
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