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So i have a Pentium 4 T4500 2.3ghz Mobile Processor. I would like to upgrade it to one of the intel duo dual core processors and put some new thermal paste on it. Btw this is a socket P laptop processor. Will I see better performance in the Intel Duo Dual Core Cpu should i keep my pentium? Here is a processor i had in mind.
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    First you need to visit the manufacturer of your laptops website and see if they have a listing of supported cpu's or find out what other cpu's were offered for your exact model. You can also google your model # for cpu upgrades and see if you can find a source of someone successfully upgrading to what you want. If you cant find anyting then its a crapshoot whether it will work or not. I'd say most likely not.

    You see CPU's need bios support to work and most prebuilt systems limit theirs to what they offer (or planned to offer) for that motherboard.
  2. You don't even know if it will work. Laptops aren't designed for upgrading. You need to post in one of the manufacter's forums, such as dell, to see if someone else has done it. Let them be the guinei pig. Used laptop cpus are difficult to sell.
  3. ok its not a Pentium 4 T4500, its just a pentium T4500, it is one of the core duo processors, it already has 2 cores, it was released in 2010, when core 2 duo was on its way out and making way for i3/5/7 series
    upgrading laptop cpu's is not generally possible for the reasons popatim stated
  4. In fact the proposed CPU is worse interms of clockspeed and has 1MB more cache.,42925
    and is older by 12months Q1 09 launch vs Q1 10
    There is zero benefit
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  6. You do realise that the cpu you wanted is worse than the one you have?
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