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Am looking to buy a computer for photo editing but no gaming and am wondering what kind of system I need? Kind of interested in a ZT systems with the amd 8, any suggestions. I am a novice so please no technical answers just plan advice. Thank you, Tom.
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  1. What is your budget? You'll want a fast processor that can handle it, plenty of RAM and whatnot. And I'm not sure what you mean by AMD 8... you mean the A8, or the 8-core?
  2. would like to keep it under $600 and yes sorry the A8. Not married to any one thing just would like a good system for photo editing and with enough help maybe building my own.
  3. The A8 won't be a good photo-editing solution.

    This will be more than adequate enough for your price range.
  4. Also, you sound like you are on a tight budget. But do you already have a monitor? Is it a IPS based monitor? If not, I highly HIGHLY recommend getting a IPS panel monitor for photo editing. They are a bit expensive, sure, but save up for one and you won't be sorry.
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