Intel LGA1155 motherboard with 2 x DVI and 1 x HDMI outputs

Hi, I am looking for a micro-ATX motherboard for an intel LGA1155 CPU with 2 x DVI-D and 1 x HDMI outputs, I simply cannot find one. All I have found are boards with 1 x DVI-D, 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI. Does anyone know if this can be found? Or have alternative solutions? I am intending to use the onboard GPU on the processor since I am only using the PC for browsing and multimedia playback i.e. NO gaming.

I do not know why a VGA output is supplied when a DVI-D is much better and a DVI-to-VGA converter is cheap enough to be included for those few wishing to use this.
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  1. Hi, And why would you need 2 DVI-D and 1 HDMI? How many monitors would you connect?
  2. 3 of course! Why else would I care. 2 monitors with 1280 x 1024 resolution and DVI-D input and a HD TV with 1920 x 1080 resolution and HDMI input.

    3 independent displays is supported by the Ivy Bridge processors.
  3. Not always:
    "What three independent display configurations are supported?
    In most cases, three independent displays are supported in the following configurations:

    If two of the displays are DisplayPort* monitors
    If one of the displays is an Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi)
    If the built-in display is an Embedded DisplayPort1 (eDP) "

    So I think that you're looking for a board with two DPs.
  4. So given:


    Active Display 1 || Active Display 2 || Active Display 3
    DisplayPort* || DisplayPort || HDMI* or DVI or VGA or DisplayPort or Built-in Display2
    DisplayPort or HDMI or DVI or VGA || DisplayPort or HDMI or DVI or VGA || Built-in Display3
    DisplayPort or HDMI or DVI or VGA or Built-in Display2 || DisplayPort of HDMI or DVI or VGA || Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi)

    This means a setup of two DVI-D and one HDMI is not possible at the same time? In fact the only way 3 "normal" displays are possible is with two displayports, which is incredible expensive...

    Basically, then I have to get at a cheap, silent low power graphics card with 2 x DVI-D and 1 x HDMI instead? Sad...
  5. Not all graphics cards support three monitors. Sometimes you have to use the onboard too, with boards that allow it..
  6. True. Does anyone know of a silent, cheap graphics card with support for 3 independent displays with outputs 2 x DVI-D and 1 HDMI?

    Otherwise, I suspect the cheapest option is to get two cheap graphics card such as a RADEON HD 6450. I use a two graphics card setup at work to get 3 monitors going.
  7. Wait would a DVI-D splitter be possible? I.e. simply use the single DVI-D output on the motherboard to output (2 x 1280) x 1024 and then use a DVI-D splitter? AHH FORGET THIS. A DVI-D splitter just sends the same output to two monitors.
  8. This mATX motherboard from AsRock allows for Dual graphics support (DVI+HDMI). Then you can install one graphics card for the third monitor. I assume that you currently do not have a graphics card.

    And here is the manual for you to check it out (pg. 26)

    Also assuming that you are not going to be playing games, here is a $29 card that would work fine.
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