Dual channel ram - how to get all 4 slots to work

I got my motherboard with dual channel and 2x2GB in there.
Now I tried to stick 2x4GB with the same qualities as the 2x2GB in the 2 free slots.
But now the systeem won't boot.
If I replace the 2x2GB with the 2x4 it works fine.
Is there something I should know to get this working?
Should all 4 rams be exactly the same or something?

Any help would be nice.

Thnx & Greetz.

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  1. Hi,

    Does your motherboard supports 4GB memory modules?
    Usually the advice given is to buy memory in kits as to avoid compatibility problems between different ram vendors and sizes. There is no guarantee a mixture will work together.

    If your motherboard does support 4GB, you can try swapping memory in different places and see how it reacts. You may need to clear cmos so the bios can readjust.
  2. Yes, my motherboard does support 4GB memory since with x4B in it, it works just fine.
    It could indeed be a compatibility problem since 2 are Kingston and 2 are OCZ.
    Is there any way I can be sure this is the cause?

    Thnx & Greetz. Way2Evil
  3. lol sorry didn't twig with your existing 4gb sticks.

    Try a 2gb stick mixed alone with one of the other 4gb stick and see with just the two of them in. If it still doesn't behave then you know they aren't accepting each other.

    Can try also rearranging the 4 memory sticks to different places to what you've had them in.

    Also make sure both memory sets are the same voltage and frequency ratings.
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