A pc for 3d modeling/rendering

Hi, I'm new here and this is my first time building a computer. I've read about the different components and they are all a little overwhelming. So, I'm hoping for some help from you folks...

The budget is around $600. I plan to use this pc mainly for 3d studio max and photoshop, and the simple tasks like web surfing and word processing. I don't plan to game much. Computer animation is a hobby (has been for a while now), so I'm not looking for amazing performances here... just an upgrade from my 5-6 years old pc.

Is the following a decent setup? (I'm very new at this stuff)

-amd phenom II X6 1100t Black Edition Thuban 3.3GHz, 3.7GHz Turbo Socket AM3 125W six-core

-asus m4a88t-m am3 amd 880g hdmi micro atx amd motherboard

-corsair xms3 16gb (4x4gb) 240-pin ddr3 sdram ddr3 1600 (pc12800)

-sapphire 100315L radeon HD 6850 1gb 256-bit gddr5 pci express 2.1x16 hdcp ready crossfireX support video card with eyefinity

-antec earthwatts green ea-430d green 430w continuous power atx12v v2.3/eps12v 80 plus

-antec three hundred black steel atx mid tower computer case

-lite-on dvd burner- bulk black sata model ihas124-04-oem

Thanks for any help! :)
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  1. Id look for an AM3+ motherboard with the 880g chipset

    ASUS M5A88-M AM3+ AMD 880G $105

    It can be upgraded to later processors , and it has on board graphics [ still] so you can leave out the gaming graphics card entirely . A graphics card wont speed rendering , and the on board works well .
    You could add a quaddro or firepro at some stage but you wont need them now

    Ideally use RAM that runs at 1.5 volt , again to allow future upgrades
  2. Thank you, Outlander_04, for your suggestion. Another question, is $600 decent enough for what I want to do (mainly 3d studio max, photoshop) or should I up the budget?

    Again, I'm still learning all of this. In my first post, I kinda just put components with big numbers together on newegg, and when the parts added up to more than $600, then I clicked on components with smaller numbers attached to them. :D What I've gathered is that I want lots of ram.

    Can someone throw some parts together that give me the best bang for my buck? I would totally appreciate this. Again, I don't need a monitor, keyboard, speakers, and hdd.

    This is something I would like to build before the new year, you know, to start my new year feeling good.
  3. 16 GB of RAM is more than you'll need as a hobbyist/beginner in 3d animation. If you really want to start with 16 GB, go for it. You could get by with 8, likely for a very long time. Your CPU and graphics card are what is important, once you get beyond 4 GB of memory. Since you're using 3dsMax, you don't have to worry about AMD/ATI's OpenGL drivers like you would with other apps.
  4. thank you, Draven35, for the suggestion. I've been a little busy recently, but I will get back to reading up on the components again soon, and maybe I'll post another configuration for people to advice me on.
  5. You're welcome. My point was, a 4GB scene, even in 3dsMax, is a very complex scene, and a 8 GB or more scene is even more so.
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