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Hello there, i'm just wondering if anyone can help me figure whats going on here. i've had this same rig running for a while now, and i was going to rebuild the whole machine after i've got the clear after my op. Just wondering if anyone can tell me whats going on with this. I'm not sure if its a defective mobo. or CPU but in Bios and Foxone software it shows the cpu at around 37c-38c not a biggy i know but. on HW monitor and speed fan it shows 30?

is there anything to worry about?

As anyway. once i rebuild. ill be changing the cooling fans and case. so will be a better air flow and more in chance of a drop in C anyway. Possibly if its the MOBO ill change it.
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  1. Fox One software package (made for Foxconn mainboards) are notorious about reporting the wrong CPU temps. CPU-Z or CPUID will report more accurate temps.

    Asus is about the only manufacturer I have found that actually makes a software package that actually works well. Gigabyte is decent, but I have had issues in the past with some of the pre-built OC features, whereas Asus almost never gives me any problems.

    As any true OCer will tell you, though...do it in the BIOS if you can. Otherwise, trust CPU-Z and CPUID, and if you ever have any doubts otherwise, they make these nifty laser IR thermometers that you can just point at a target and get a temp. Great for that sanity check.
  2. Yeh i checked in bios. it kinda matched the software too. But like you said. Might not be accurate. and just stick with the HW reading?
  3. Neither reading is out of place for this processor. If the reading was completely off the mark (like, 60 degrees C) then I would be worried. Download CPU-Z or Speedfan and look at the temps you get there. Otherwise, just keep what you have running and only worry if the temps spike over 55-60 degrees.
  4. speedfan reported the CPU as 30C, so really nothing to worry about? Just might be the mobo miss reading the heat. tipical fault for most mobos. as you orginally said. I may we plan on changing the mobo soon anyway.
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