Font size test--just for myself

This [/size=14
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  1. This[/size=12]
    This [/size=14]
  2. This
  3. This
  4. Test has failed :lol:
  5. Yup. I was trying to make it larger for my sig, and I succeeded with color, but it doesn't take standard BBCode for font size. This site is a challenge. :D

    Hey, you look just like Randomizer. Same smile.
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    Shadow703793 is a clone of Randomizer. He was created from one of Randomizer's rib bones...

    (Actually, They are both in an Aussie Gang here to take over Tom's Hardware :D )
  7. They're clones....Add Wuzy in there as well.
  8. aford10 said:

    Double JINX!!! Not Take Backs!! :kaola:
  9. JINX!
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