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I recently saw a guy on Newegg advising people to download only the Lan driver from the motherboard CD and then go online from the manufacturers website, and download the remaining drivers individually like the chipset, audio, usb etc..

As a novice like me, this sounds all very complicated. Can't I just visit the manufacturers website and download the latest drivers for the specific motherboard & video card I have as a whole? Do I really have to download the drivers individually? And if that's the case, why do motherboards & graphics cards come with drivers on the CD?

Coming back to the fact that I'm no expert at defining which drivers I should download, if in doubt, should I use the CD drivers which came with motherboard & graphics card, then visit their respective websites and download any updated versions or is that not recommended?

I thought downloading the drivers would of been the easiest part of building a computer. Now having watched that tutorial on Newegg I'm worried that once my computer is finally up and running I would get the driver installation all wrong.

Maybe I'm missing something here. Please help.
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  1. the drivers come on cd for those people in the world who dont actually have access to the internet--yes there are still some

    yes you could install them from the cd then go update them from the website--but why install them twice

    install chipset drivers first then reboot--install lan drivers

    use windows update it will find most of your other drivers for you or all of them depending on your hardware

    any it doesnt then get from manufacturers website
  2. It's kinda hard to use the internet sometimes when ya on a network and haven't installed the LAN driver yet :)'s the LAN driver that gives the machine internet access.

    The drivers come on the CD are so you can build the machine and get it connected to the internet. In addition, there is oft many things (i.e utilities) on the CD that ya only get on the CD and when ya "buy retail" .... This is especially true for example when buying manufacturer's premium products like Asus RoG stuff... If ya don't install what's on the CD, the ownership key no workie sometimes.

    I would strongly advise against letting windows manage anything....if windows "finds new hardware" and asks to install a driver, think of Nancy Regan and "just say no". This especially true on a laptop and w/ sound drivers. Can't tell ya how many times I have had to start from scratch because I skipped the step (bites me 1 in 5 times it seems) of loading audio drivers off the CD .... hasn't stopped me from trying tho.....

    Yes, I install the Chipset, then LAN driver from the CD ... then I let windows Update do it's thing about 5 times till there's nothing left to find. Then I d/l everything from web site .... I load the drivers CD, load the driver utility (on asus boards anyway) and it lists all the drivers on the CD ..... I compare the version numbers .... if web and CD match, I use the CD .... if web is newer, I use the d/l'd version.

    I also generally install Adobe Reader and other items off the CD for example a sit lets me install it wherever I want .... few times I d/'d latest version I hadda jump thru hoops to keep it off C:\..... luckily, if installed off th CD, it stays there when upgraded. Over the years, some things are better, some worse in this respect.
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