Can a faulty evga 580gtx gpu blow up a power supply?

I just got my evga 580gtx super clocked gpu from new egg today, I shut the comp down, unplugged the power supply, swapped out the gpu's, plugged the power supply back in, flipped the switch on the power supply and my asus p6t deluxe didnt boot up, looking inside the red led power button and the green led reset button on the mobo is blinking on/off.
I shut the ps off unplugged/plugged back in the 24pin connector and the 8 pin connector from the mobo, tired it again, and I get the same blinking lights.

I had a old apevia ps so I swapped it out as well as put my old 285 gtx gpu back on the mobo, turned the power on and it boot up no problems.

Could this new 580gtx be doa and killed my power supply?
My power supply is just under 2 years old it is a PCP&C Quad silencer 750 watt single rail rated at 62 amps

Im afraid to plug the new 580gtx into the mobo in fear If the new gpu is at fault it will blow out my one and only backup psu

I am at a loss here, I have never heard of this happening before

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  1. Im confused, did you try the Power supply with the old card to see if it still works? Try it if you havent, it may just be the card IS DOA, or your Power supply isnt beefy enough to handle it.
  2. Yes I put the old gpu back into the mobo and same thing happened, so I called evga tech support, and he said its more then a 1/1000000 chance the new gpu would blow out the ps, he said put the new gpu in the mobo with the old ps, If the new gpu blew out the old ps he would buy me a new one. So I did and the new gpu boots up. I would also say that its a 1/100000 chance that a ps would go bad while installing a new gpu.

    Now to talk to pcp&c to see if there is a warranty left on it.

    nothing worse then a new $500 gpu sitting on your desk that I cannot use, my backup psu is not powerful enough to run the new 580gtx

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