Motherboard for i5 3570 with Native PCI


I am building a new recording PC for my music studio. My soundcard is M-Audio delta 1010lt.
I am interested in i5 3750 but i have read that most of the motherboards that supports it do not offer native PCI.

Can anyone give me some advice regarding motherboard where i can use the i5 3570 and which also has native PCI.

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  1. MSI-Z77A-G41. This msi board has 2 pci slots, and is a bargain. But it has no DVI port, just vga, so you'll need a separate video card for DVI. It's $94.99 before rebate and shipping at, but my link didn't work. I assume you mean the 3570, not 3750.
  2. Thanks. It suits my budget perfectly. I was planing to use the Ge Force 8500 from my previous PC so the DVI port is no issue here. Ya...i meant 3570 :)
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