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I am not sure if this problem falls into this category so I will describe it and you decide for yourselves. For a while now I noticed that on initially turning on the computer, the processor fan would start, then stop for a few seconds, then start up again and then the whole computer would boot up. Then, one day it did not initially start up at all. I checked and the processor fan was not spinning. I purchased another processor fan and this also did not work, but even the new processor fan was spinning for a few seconds before turning off. I need your expertise to find out which component is not working and how to correct the problem if it is correctable. The specs are AMD Phenm Quad core 9650, Gigabyte GA M720 US3 motherboard, and all the rest of the stuff graphics card, memory, etc. I don't really think its the problem with the other stuff, I think its either the motherboard or the processor. How to check if the computer is not starting up is the problem. The case fan is working and the lights on the dvd players light up intermittently and just keep blinking. Toruble is I paid a lot for the system, couldn't be bothered to put it together myself, (should have done), and the seller has gone out of business. So, I need to check with you guys out there if you have had this experience and what you did.Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. So I take it that your computer isn't working at all? When you say you tried a different processor fan, did you replace the entire heat sink, or just the fan on your heat sink? Do u have a psu tester to verify that your power supply is good?
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