Pc wont Start if its cold

Hey Guys, I have a really weird Problem with my Pc and its that when my PC is cold like its turned off at night and if i press the power button in the morning it wont start, it just turns on the fans spin for like 1 sec and then turns off again and does it again and again, until its warm enough to start

For the last 1 week i had to start my Pc with a hair Dryer :D Yes a hair Dryer,

Tried to remove each component to check which one was making the problem i.e RAMs, GPU, HDD etc

Even if my Pc is turned off for like 1 hour i have to start it with the dryer

the weather here is average 8-10 C bt my room is warmer then that,

I would like to know that is it the processor of the MOBO it could be a capacitor on the mobo bt how to find which one, Need Suggestions & answers

My Specs :

core i3 540 @ 3.1Ghz ( x2 )
8 Gb (4x2) DDR3 RAM @ 1333 BuS
XFX HD 7850 Graphic card @ Stock settings
Gigabyte H55M-D2H Motherboard
650W Antec PSU
Acer Al2016W 20" LCD
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  1. It is between the motherboard or the PSU. Where do you point the dryer when heating it.
  2. I just Heat it overall try to heat up all the capacitors on the board

    Usually near the Processor.
  3. i heat the mobo nt the PSU
  4. Can you try a different PSU to confirm it is the board?
  5. Yea i had a another PSU when i bought it 450 W it gave me this issue once bt it didnt happen because winter was over
  6. Two PSU's same issue points to the board.
  7. I have had this problem wih at tleast two brand new computers, I cn tell you it is the most annoying and frustrating thing to have to deal with. I think its something with the way they are making the computers now. I first had an Acer and it was on a computer desk, the desk was flat against the wall. However it was cool against the wall but because of the casing of the CPU on cooler or rainy days (not winter, I live in a tropical country) the CPU just would not turn on. Thank god my neighbour is a technician, so everytime he would have to check it for me. Before that I had the computer changed from the store where I bought it and got a Dell there was no difference, I have also moved to another apartment and the problem has not gone away.

    Here is what the technican does and what he recommends as this is a problem caused by condensation on the memory slot/card (or something like that)

    1) Remove the memory slot dust it out and let it get a little warm temperature from the outside, reinsert and turn on without a problem

    2) Open the casing use a blow drier but not too hot to warm the board a bit, close it back comes on without a problem

    3) I just unplug everything and put the entire CPU casing out on the balcony in some sunlight till it gets warm, soon as I plug it in it comes on.

    4) Or you can just never turn off the computer, I once left mine on for an entire month without shutting down

    5) When its night time or a rainy day I sit there and sulk and consider it a hopeless case, wishing that the people who make computers would listen to consumers because my first computers never did that before.
  8. @KH73 i was having same problem heating motherboard in sun light solved my problem .... but i didn't find any permanent solution for this :(
  9. There probably are bulging capacitors in the CPU area. The easiest solution is to replace the motherboard.
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