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morning all, just been given an old computer just to mess around with, only problem is that its got a startup password and nobody knows what it is..

my mother (whose computer it was) cant remember and nobody else knew it, so it there a way to reset the whole thing?

I did try taking out the CMOS battery and waiting 10 mins before putting it back and retrying but no luck.

Any suggestions? Its an old intel board if that makes any difference
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  1. Try shorting out the pins in the bios battery holder that should clear the settings.
  2. thanks for the quick replies. tried shorting the pins and nothing, when it reboots it just says "CMOS error has occurred, Enter Password to access system"
  3. Try removing the battery for Half an hour. Can you get to the operating system? If you can download !Bios and that application can reset the password for you.
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