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So I'm looking to upgrade my current PC situation this holiday season by building an almost entirely new system to handle my current games and set myself up comfortably for future gaming. For this build, I will be transferring over my mechanical harddrives, cd/dvd, and monitor from my current system so they won't be taken into consideration at this time.

The rest of the system, however, I would like to receive any advice for improvements/modifications to my component choices. I've been doing some research through the Tom's Hardware articles (and may I say, they are filled with fantastic and useful information), and I have come up with this setup costing around $1200.

Thermaltake Element V

Core i5-2500K

GeForce GTX 560

Tower Cooler
Xigamtek Gaia

ASUS P8P67 Deluxe

8 GB Kingston HyperX T1

Corsair Force3 90GB

Power Supply
Corsair TX750 V2

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit

From what I've read, using an SSD for system bootup and gaming will allow for significantly faster loading times, but I'm not sure on what the ideal size would be (60, 90, 120GB). Also, will the power supply/motherboard I've chosen be sufficient in the future if I choose to use multiple graphics cards? While not a current goal, I'd like to know if I have the capability to do such. Any other suggestions on the components I have selected or anything that I may be missing would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Swap the motherboard you currently have for this:
    Offers great performance and has PCI-E 3.0. Take in account AsRock only gives a 2 year warranty, while ASUS offers 3 years.

    Get the Ti version of the GTX 560:
    About a 15% performance difference between it and the GTX 560.

    A 60GB SSD is enough to fit an OS and a few games. I would recommend the Crucial M4:
    Yes, it isn't 90GB like the Corsair, but it uses a stable controller, while the early SandForce controllers have issues.

    A good 750W will handle a pair of GTX 560 Tis fine.

    P.S. The case you chose has been deactivated. The case is usually a matter of taste, but here's a recommendation:
  2. The 750TXV2 is a good unit, but the price this is atm is a bargain:
    Seasonic X-750 80Plus Gold Modular $110

    I would say if you already had the Element V then you wouldn't have to replace it, but can't say its the sort of case you should buy nowadays if you have a decent budget.
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