Good board w/ i5 3570k?


Next week I am planning on rebuilding my AMD gaming computer with a new motherboard and i5 3570k. I'm pretty set on the 3570k, but I was just wondering what the good motherboards are to go with it.


- Good Overclocker
- 3 PCIe slots for SLI/Crossfire
- <$150

I am thinking about going with an ASrock z77 Extreme 4 because I've read that it is a one of the best budget boards(~$150) and because I ordered one for my machine now, but sent it back because I decided to do this Intel rebuild. I didn't even get to use the board, but the board looks pretty good.

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    ASRock z77 extreme 4 or ASRock z77 extreme 6
  2. Asus maximsus gene v (low end) & formula for high end
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  4. Ended up going with the extreme 4 and it's awesome. Thanks.
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