Z77 MPOWER Onboard Wifi HELP!

I just put together an awesome new build, and everything was working perfectly until I tried download the newest geforce drivers. Upon downloading the 168MB file, I was told that it would take an hour to complete. I was flabbergasted, because our internet connect often gets 4 or 5MB/s download. After thinking about it for a while and testing my laptop, to see if it had the same problem (no, it didn't) I came to the conclusion that it was my onboard wifi on myt Z77 MPOWER. As far as I can tell I have the current drivers. Any suggestions would be welcome!
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    If I remember right, that board has wifi module that doesn't have any external antenna. It could be that something is now interfering with your wifi signal strength or that the wifi module on the board itself is not working as good as before. I know that you bought the board for the built in wifi and bluetooth but you may want to try a PCIe wifi adapter to see if things are better for you. The one I linked works very good. The price is currently $43 but Amazon routinely drops it into the mid $20s range.
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  3. Okay, thanks. I figured that's what was going on. When I bought the board I figured the wifi wouldn't be that great, but I figured it would work okay. I'll order that tonight. Thank again :D
  4. You are welcome. I'm buying one for a build that I'm working on.
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