HP Mother Board dv71135nr compatible replacement

I am trying to fix the problem with the computer not getting enough power to boot up windows,overheating and going into sleep mode..have put in new battery,power chord but the pc is powered up for about 15 min before it boots in safe mode..lights keep blinking on both the HD&optical drives..can I fix it with a better quality motherboard that will work?
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  1. If that's a laptop model, then you'll have to get awfully lucky to find a replacement. I would email hp tech support using your serial number and see if they can help. There might be a cross reference board that you can use; best chance is on ebay, and you may find a used laptop for less than changing the board.
  2. thanks I discovered a replacement laptop motherboard for about $200-250 and already tried e-mailing HP but no help yet.
  3. You can get a decent used lappy for that price, and possibly reuse your old hardrive, depending on how close the new board chipset matches your old board.
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