AA (graphics in general) Problem XFX hd 6870

I just recenty built my first computer and played with this same rig for less than a month now. When I play a majority of the games I have I see a lot of jagged edges in most of what I see, its more visable when im moving the player around, as I move the rough edges i see moveing aswell. This really pisses me off, Ive already tried everything I could think of, Ive downloaded the latest drivers ive put my games on max settings with no lag of any kind (accept for fallout:NV). If anyone can help me, please do. I WILL BE EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Can we see some examples or explain better?
  2. What specific games are you having issues with? The built in driver options tend to only work with Dx9 and some Dx10 games. It rarely overrides Dx11 games that don't natively support AA. MLAA does work on everything, but its not exactly the highest quality AA.



    good games (good on highest aa and all other graphics settings): L4D 2, Fallout: NV (had to download a mod for it to look better), and Gmod.

    Games that Half ass the quality on higest aa and other graphics settings: Deus ex: human rev, Bioshock, Battlefield 3, and portal 2. My driver is the amd catalyst 11.9, the latest.
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