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Termaltake tp grand 650w + XFX 5770 installed, Problem below.


Been reading on this forum a lot. So so helpful. Best On the net. I really hope someone can help.

Im really stumped. My computers details 435mt, 6gb ram,i7 920 Bloomfield,termaltake 650w grand psu (new upgraded from original),original mobo (bios 1.1.4),xfx 5770 graphics card (new upgraded from ati 4350),Blu ray drive and a DVD drive. Also from Ireland so 230v.

Right here's my problem....

Installed the psu (tight fit) connected the cables correctly and in the order termaltake instructed. Installed the graphics card. Closed up the case connected all other cables USB, power screen etc. Powered on fine. Windows loaded as normal. (was excited, not going to lie) I ran HWmoniter to check out my temp. Graphic cards GPU was 32c (old one 50-60c), CPU down a few degrees since the termaltakes psu fan was sucking heat from it I'm guessing. Overall pretty happy. I then went to the toilet. (5mins tops) Sat down, opened google Chrome to get the latest drivers for the card and as google opened the pc turned off, sorta! The screen when blank psu seemed to get quieter but the power button stayed on (power bottom colour - white) I waited 5mins. Didn't know what to do. Finally I held the power button to shut the system down fully. I disconnected the plug, reconnected and then hit the power button. Everything came to life for only a split second. The power button which turns orange first then white (normally that is) stayed a steady orange(amber). I freaked tho I fried the mobo or something.

Had to go to work so did.

Got home, tried to reset the CMOS in case it was a overheating thang. Nope didn't work. Power button stayed a solid amber and the fans just ran for a second each time. The PSU's fan also came to life but came to a halt after 30sec.

Removed the 5770 and replaced it with the old 3450. Tried again, Nope. Same thing.

Was getting worried.

Replace my Pc back to Pc turned on!!

Not the result I was looking for.

Thinking that card was faulty I tried it in a friends of and it worked perfectly.

My stock PSU and 5770 also boot but after 7-10mins the screen goes black/blank and the pc seems to stay on. (kind of like what happened the first time I installed both units)

Could my new termaltake PSU of shorted during the first use? (I have yet to test it in another machine) everytime I try it on my dell I get the solid amber light and live for a second.

Maybe the psu is to powerful for the board?

Would getting a new mobo fix this?

I noticed that my stock dells 24pin mobo has2 pins missing and the termaltake only one could this of caused the problem?

Also to power my CPU from psu I used the 2 4pin (they were stuck together) instead of an 8pin cable could this of shorted or damaged my psu?

I gonna stop asking and just post this. I'm known to ramble abit as you can see. Just trying to provide adaquate info.

Thanks in advance everyone,
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  1. Dont worry I am famous for writing rambling and writing short novels on here LOL

    I am going to write and think this out at same time
    what we know
    (BTW I own a HD 5770 myself-love it-only draws max 108w-it does need the 6 pin PCIe PSU connector which I assume is connected?)

    1) does not work on new PSU

    2) does not work on old PSU (would help to know wattage of old PSU)

    3) old card does not work-which is strange
    did you try the old card on the old PSU?

    4)if the old card works on old PSU then new PSU is suspect
    TBH Thermaltake does not have the best rep for PSUs

    5) if old card and old psu dont work then the motherboard PCIe power from slot is suspect

    so to summarize my questions

    are you using the six pin PCIe PSU power connector on both cards?

    does the combo of old psu and old card work?

    what do you mean by returned the computer back to stock?

    what setup is that?

    okay I will stop until you can answer back :)
  2. hi, just back from work.

    King smp, Thanks for you reply.

    1) The 5770 card dose not work with my new PSU. ( IT did until the pc crapped* out on me)

    2) It works for awhile with my old PSU which is a Lite-on 350w. But the screen goes blank after 10mins of use.

    3) Old card does work. It is part of what I refer to as stock. Also I am typing this reply using my Dell 435mt. With Old/stock PSU and 3450. The 3450 does not require a 6 pin connection to work it is powered by the PCI-e slot. (which would make the slot functional, with this card anyway)

    4) As you said. The PSU is looking more and more likely to be the problem. I read only but good things about them which is misleading to say the least. Very sexy look about it, would make for a good paper weight. ha.

    Since my stock (Lite-on) PSU is 350 watts. It should run my card with ease.Considering Dell supposable underrate there PSU's! But when installed my pc keeps crapping out after 10-15 mins of medium to near no use. How can this be?

    Would it be advised to us an external PSU to power the graphics card or would that be a bad move? (really want to make use of it)

    *by crapped out I mean, PC running normal....then screen goes blank (but is still receiving a signal) and the pc seems to be running as normal I just have no visual display of any kind (unless you count a black screen as a visual, ha)

    PSU is looking like the problem.

    any input welcome.

    Colm :)
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    I would replace the PSU
    some companies I would recommend are Antec,Corsair,XFX,Seasonic
    Antec are usually reasonably priced and are good PSUs
    I would try to keep the PSU internal if possible
    if you can replace the stock PSU with an internal ATX design that would be best
    take a look at the Antec Truepower,Earthwatts or High Current gamer series
    also the Corsair Builder series are good and usually cheaper
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  5. Thanks for your help.
  6. No problem
    thanks for selecting me as best answer
    Please dont be a stranger
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