New build wont boot

Hey guys so ive decided to build a new computer as a side hobby, this isn't the first time i have built a computer however this is the first build i have done with water cooling.

Everything in the system is wired up but when i try boot nothing happens except 2 led's on my motherboard (g1 assassin) directly under my ram illuminate, one green and one orange. The g1 assassin manual says that it is the north bridge loading/ ram loading. I have swapped the ram to see if that would work but still nothing.

The one thing i have thought of is that the cpu fan socket on the motherboard has nothing plugged into it as i have installed a water cooling kit, could this cause the mobo to not boot?

I'm pretty sure its just me making a rookie mistake somewhere causing this to happen and i hope its not a hardware failure.

thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. This might sound stupid, but make sure your CPU is receiving the power cable, an easy mistake to make.
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