Multiple Symptoms, can't figure out whats wrong

My system is all sorts of messed up. I'm getting a nasty deep buzzing sound out of my speakers, my system lags in and out (especially the mouse curser, some stuttering in games), and whatever it is also seems to be wrecking my internet connection. All my temps are normal, my hard drive seems to be fine, I'm currently downloading the latest driver for my card but I doubt that will fix it. specs are:
i7 2600k @3.4ghz
GTX 580 1.5 gb
8 gb ram
700W atx power supply
its a prebuilt, though I swapped out the 460 it came with with a 580 about a month ago, it runs fine though and rarely dips above 80C so I dont think thats the issue.
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  1. is that the stock PSU that came with the prebuilt?
    because most of the time prebuilts come with lousy PSUs
    what make and model power supply?
    what is the 12v+ amp rating(s) of the PSU (will be on sticker on PSU)

    the PSU is usually the first thing to look at
    that buzzing in speaker could be coming from electro magnetic interference from a poor quality power supply
    also PSUs can cause a mystery of problems and include destroying mobo and parts when they go bad
  2. Yep! what psu exactly?
    A sub-par 700W isn't going to cut-it for a GTX580.
  3. reinstall windows if you dont feel like troubleshooting software related issues. (wrecking your net connection makes me think something malicious)

    then see what happens.
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