RAM 4GB usable 3,47 GB

Hello everyone.
here is the main problem:

As you can see OS is 64bit.
I am using dedicated GPU. Integretad disabled.

HELP please.. also i got only 5,9 RAM Windows index, but with the same two ram sticks on the old system i got 7,2.

Hw specs
Mobo http://www.msi.com/product/mb/B75MA-E33.html#?div=Detail
CPU i3 3220
GPU 7850
PSU ocz modxsteam 500w
RAM apacer 2x2gb 1333 ddr3
HDD Samsung sata 500gb 7,2
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  1. That is normal if the integrated video is active and allocating a slice of the main RAM pool for itself.
  2. IBM designed the original PC to use memory addresses between 640mb and 1gb for hardware access and it is therefore not available for operating system use. It's just part of windows. Don't worry about it. Any memory you add in the future will show up just fine.

    Windows Experience Index is not a very good judge of system performance. Microsoft changes it as hardware gets more powerful. What was your old system spec?
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