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I'd like to clear some of the mess out of my mind in regards to video cards and see if anyone has any helpful input. I am trying to decide what to do as a replacement for my GTX 260. I want something that will handle BF3 and have done a lot of reading on this site now but am still unsure what to do. I hear rumours that next year Nvidia will release Kepler based cards (sorry AMD fans, Im a purely NVidia based user), and Im not sure if those will be worth it right away or not. I guess I am wanting to find something that isn't going to break the bank for now and provide decent performance in BF3 at 1920X1080. I read the big article on Tom's about SLI and the micro-tearing that can be experienced by that, so I think I have decided to stick with a single GPU as 3-way SLI is too far out of the budget. I also came across a forum post from a guy claiming that you can possily overclock a single 560 Ti to outperform a 570, is this true? If thats the case, could I buy a 570 and overclock it to perform close to a 580? I like the price point of the 570's, but just wonder if they are worth the extra bit you pay over a 560 Ti?
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