USB 3 for backup drives?

In light of a recent hard drive failure, I decided I should get serious about backing up my data. I am looking at getting two Seagate Expansion series drives, which are pretty well priced (2TB for $120 on Newegg). Now, I don't have USB 3.0 on my x58 board, would it be worth it to get a USB 3 PCIe card? If so which one? I have read good things about the Asus U3S6 which also has SATA III, which would be a bonus for me in the future, but no one carries it. And If you have any better suggestions for which drives, I am open to them as well. Though cheap as possible would be nice since I already need to replace the dead hard drive, and upgrade a PSU, and I wanna stay with external because I have another desktop and a laptop that I would use them with as well.

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  1. the Seagate externals sounds like a great deal
    just read feedback on Newegg if possible
    also yes IMHO going to USB 3.0 would be worthwhile for backup drives especially if transferring large file or group of files
    I have no experience with USB 3.0 or the cards but will research it since in the future I would be interested myself
    I have a USB 2.0 external Verbatim 320gb for backup
    also an internal 200gb Maxtor DiamondMax IDE (dont laugh-it was free LOL)
    I work with alot of video (home movies,youtube creations etc)
    so I am interested in a PCIE x 1 USB 3.0 if they even exist
    otherwise will use Esata
    if your mobo has Esata that is another great option
    problem is your other systems would need Esata also which is not common on laptops
    maybe go with a Firewire setup (as an option)
    IEEE94 Firewire was common and has high transfer rate
    could also use a external HD case which accepts common internal HD sizes like 3.5 or even 2.5
    the external HD cases will come with esata or firewire options depending on model
    also good that if needed you can pull a 3.5 inch internal from the external HD case and use in your towers

    just brainstorming some ideas for you
    hope I helped
    if you need me to link to Newegg let me know
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