My Self Built Computer Powers For A Second then Shuts Down

Hi I have this morning custom built a pc for myself using the following componants

Asrock Fatal1y P67 Professional motherboard
Intel i5 ivy bridge
Asus Hd 6670 Graphics card
Corsair TX 650w PSU
Toshiba 500gb HDD
Intel 40gb SSD

my problem is;

When i go to power it up all the fans spin like the psu fan the case fans and the graphics card but then it just powers down immediatly without emitting a beep or anything. Then a few seconds later it does the same thing again. It seems to be stuck on something initial. Both the power button and the reset button both light on the motherboard and stay lit. Please help quickly.

Also it shows nothing on the monitor and all the connections are in place as are the ram the CPU fan spins and the case fans do as well.

Thanks, Matt
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  1. Oh and i forgot to mention but the power supply rattles alot in the few seconds that the machine is in operation
  2. Ok i found the solution, it was a 3rd gen i5 on a 2nd gen mobo. updated the mobo and it booted!
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