{Help-Needed) With new gaming rig setup!

Thanks for taking the time to view my concerns, i am a first time pc builder just making sure everything on this list is compatible, Here are the Components i am hoping to use....

Case: NZXT Phantom White

Drives: CD DVD RW & Blu-Ray RW

Mother Board: Asus P8Z68-v Pro S/L

CPU: i7 2600k 3.4 GHz (I will be over clocking to 4.00GHz-4.50GHz so i chose the famous Noctua air cooler, not a big fan of water cooling)

CPU cooler: Noctua NH-D14

Ram: G-skill ripjaws x series blue (4x4gb-16GB)
GPU: Asus DirectCUII Nvidia GTX 560-ti (SLI SOON)

SSD Drive: Crucial m4 64GB or Kingston v100 64GB (which one will deliver better performance?)


PSU: Corsair GS800 (800 Watts)

Are all these parts compatible with each other?, such as since Noctua HS is so massive will it be able to hold 4 G-skill x series RAM (4x 8GB) without any trouble?

which of those two SSD's are better?

Is the GS800 enough power for my system since i will soon be getting two ASUS GTX 560 ti's, will it leave enough headroom to overclock my CPU and GPU's
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  1. crucial m4 over kingston any day

    gs800 is more than enough

    why 2600k if its for gaming? a 2500k would be cheaper and just as good since the hyperthreading of the 2600k isnt necessary for gaming

    dont know if all the ram will fit under the noctua--perhaps some one else can tell you that one
  2. +1 on Crucial M4 and the i5 2500K
    For you motherboard, consider the AsRock Extreme3 Gen3 or ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3.
    Get only 8GB of RAM. Anything more is a waste for gaming and could cause stability and voltage issues. Make sure it's low profile (even with the Noctua's adjustable high, they still won't have enough clearance).
    If you will only OC to 4.0 to 4.5GHz, get a Corsair A70 or Hyper 212 EVO. Much cheaper and perform very well. You could probably push even further with those coolers, and the same for the Noctua.
  3. thanks very much for the replies, and for overclocking.... can i leave the vcore at stock to overclock to say... 4ghz or what would be a good vcore range to be limited within? (e.g 1.21v-1.29v)
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