Where to connect hdd led & reset sw on motherboard No manual

hi, i have a imedia s3810 motherboard which i recently moved into a nice new case, however, as i bought the mobo as part of a prebuilt system, i have no manual + cant find one online, and dont know where to connect the hdd led + system reset two pin wires (i managed to guess with the on off connecter).

any help would be greatly apreciated!!!
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  1. You've got a problem. I couldn't find out what kind of motherboard you have either. Can you look on the motherboard itself and find a model number and manufacturer? It should be close to the CPU or along the PCIe slots.

    If not, you could do a little investigative work. The reset should be easy, turn on the pc and short the posts around where you found the start switch until it resets. The system power and hard drive leds will be harder. You'll have to use a multi-meter set for DC current greater than 12v. Then probe with the multi-meter leads until you find the one that's always on. That's the system power. Run a defrag program and then probe until you find two posts that give an intermittent current. That's the hard drive led. Good luck.
  2. thanks, about the motherboard, i cant see anything except what looks like a serial number written on it, i have been rellying on CPUZ to tell me its an 'imedia s3810'
  3. Yes, all I can find is that it's a Packard Bell. They never did publish good manuals, only the bare minimum information and no details about the motherboard. I guess you'll have to try trial and error...
  4. thanks, trail and error worked in the end, the multimeter helped a lot, thanks, i still dont have one of my case leds lighting up, but i think that it may just be daed because everything else works fine!
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