Pxe boot intel lan card

i have purchased intel gigabit ET server adapter. how to pxe boot this lan card when i start the pc?

if lan card is onboard, i could press f12 or configure in bios. there seems to be startup key to activate pxeboot for lan card.

pls advise.
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  1. You need a PXE boot server to boot the pc through the nic.
    Google it as there are many ways to do it depending on what you want.
  2. i have pxe boot server setup already. if i boot using onboard nic. it is ok but i do not know how to boot the pci-e nic.
  3. Check your BIOS for configuring it. You may need to disable your onboard NIC to use your PCI-E NIC during pxe.
  4. If this is an add-on pcie nic it's possible it may not support PXE boot.
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