Do power supplies get better with time?

are they getting better with time, for example is a 2007 power supply on par with 2012 powersupply....
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  1. Recent modern power supplies should be designed and built to be more energy efficient and have better DC Output quality than power supplies that were available from back in 2007.
  2. Like Ko said, as technology gets more and more advanced, the reliability, consistancy, and durability increases. Depending on the PSU that you bought in 2007 depends on how it stacks up with todays PSU's. I have an Antec Gaming True 850w PSU still running strong. Hope that answers your question sufficiently. Good luck!
  3. Not only is the technology better but the capacitors tend to get more 'leaky' as time goes by. They don't perform as well as when new and can start having an affect on frequency timings which are a big factor in switching power supplies.
  4. Yes the build quality improves, but as time goes on the components relying on the PSU also improve in efficiency, so you really now need less capacity to run more or the same as you would have.
  5. But your question: "Do power supplies get better with time?"

    No. But a good PSU, operated within its limits should last for years.
  6. Many PSU's come with 3 or 5 or sometimes even 7 year warranties which covers them for the time frame you mentioned.

    Efficiency is the main difference, 80 PLUS ratings have recently introduced a "Platinum" standard. Generally as time goes on all technology is gradually improving, the cooling system, the components and capacitors, the efficiency.....all generally getting better/higher quality as time goes on :)
  7. so a old power supply would be fine to use on a new system... what if it is for the 90's or 2000-2005
  8. An old power supply that produces most of its output on the +3.3V and +5V rails is not fine for use in a modern system.
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