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I5 2500k idle temp question

So I just installed a cpu water cooling solution. I have the XSPC Rasa RX240 with a D5 pump. On air cooling my min temp was ~30C, on water it is ~40C. Now while the idle temp is higher, the max temp on air was ~70, while the max temp now is below 60. Is there a problem here or is a idle temp of 40C acceptable?
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    Maybe a little puzzling, but the goal is to get the max temp down, so it's doing its job.

    40C is perfectly reasonable for a minimum temp and isn't going to hurt a thing.
  2. Watercooling is better when the temperature rises, that is normal, unless you are using compression equipment to lower the water temperature you won't see idle gains but your load temperatures will be at least 25% lower. You will also be able to push the vCore over 1.5v with a good waterloop cooler.
  3. is that at stock speeds or overclocked?

    doesnt seem right to me that your idle temps 10c higher than on air

    i am using a corsair h80 which is no where near as good as what you have and my idle temps

    are 30c on the hottest core on a 2600k measured with realtemp

    and after 10 minutes of running the cpu at 80% load temps are in the mid 50s c

    thats at 5ghz

    the ambient temp is 16c in here

    and before some one says run prime95--i dont use it as it puts an unrealistic load on the cpu

    that youre not going to do in real life use

    10 minutes of 80% load is a reasonable test as far as i am concerned

    heres photo of 5ghz temps after 10 minutes 80% load at 5ghz
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