hi all i have a dell optiplex gx620 with windows 7 ultimate 4gb of ram, 700gb of hd and my cpu is
intel (R) pentium(R) 4 cpu 3.00GHz

i was wondering if its possible to upgrade to any cpu that is double core 3.00GHz if so can i get some recommendations of cpu's?
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  1. Most of the pentium dells aren't upgradable to core2 duo cpus; I would post this question in one of the dell forums on their website. There's also a dell section on this website. If you want to change boards, use ebay or craigslist and go with another dell board so it works with your dell windows installation.
  2. A Pentium D CPU might work, look into that.
  3. Starmicro has this dual core: They also have the 9xx series, but they will run warmer and may require a better heatsink.
  4. that would be intel core 2 duo e8400 6mb cache but not easy to find new anymore, @ $180 it would be a better investment to save up for a new build
  5. As stated above by the people who know what they are talking about, it is unlikely you can upgrade that CPU to anything other than another Pentium 4. It most certainly will NOT support an E8400. It may support a Pentium D but that is not much of an upgrade. Save your money for a new computer and don't waste it trying to upgrade obsolete tech.

    Dell uses proprietary motherboards and I can't really find much documentation on what you have except it had an 945 Express chipset. You should post on the Dell forums as has already been suggested to find out if you can even upgrade to a Pentium D.
  6. ok then is there any other pc that i can upgrade to a gaming pc like install an i3 or something

    asus or anything?
  7. i also found this one

    and want to know if its good deal it has dual core 3ghz and its the same ram as mine so i just can change the ram to that one
  8. Obviously you want to upgrade your computer. Buying a used computer from ebay is not the best way to accomplish this. Of the 2 you listed the Acer is about 10 times faster than the one with the Pentium D. I would not buy anything that does not include a detailed description though and the Acer does not.

    The computer you have now is so old you will not be able to reuse many or even any parts. I assume you bought Windows 7 since there is no way that came preinstalled. So you might be able to reuse your copy of Windows depending on the type you bought. I'm actually surprised Windows 7 even runs well on what you have now.

    Fill this out and we can help better.
  9. how do i know if a computer is dual core? is it Intel Pentium D??
  10. A Pentium D is a dual core processor......from 2005. And it was never very good even when it was new.

    A Core2Duo is a dual core processor from 2006-2010 depending on the model. They are still quite good in some cases but are obsolete in the fact that they are no longer made.

    An i3 is a dual core from 2010-now. It is the fastest of the bunch and the second generation i3 2xxx series is a great processor for general use/light to mid range gaming.

    You can not just compare two computers because the have dual core processors. You need to factor in the generation the processor is from.
  11. Without knowing what your needs are and a budget it is next to impossible to help you pick out something. Thats why I asked you to fill out the new build form above.
  12. Probably an E6600. New in 2006 and better than a Pentium D by a mile but still obsolete.
  13. Buying a $50 computer on eBay to put a new processor in it is an awful idea. Just build one up from scratch. We'd be happy to help you with that, but you're wasting your time, and potentially your money, looking at this kind of garbage on eBay.
  14. i wouldnt recommend upgrading such an old machine, you will still just end up with an old machine.

    you seem to be fixated on small forma factor business computers, i have no idea what your budget is but this Acer should satisfy your need for a speedy business desktop

    or if you want a tricked out pre-built gaming rig this one has nice specs
  15. What is your gaming expectation and budget? These two questions needs to be answered to know if they are realistic. If you don't have $500 budget, I would think you are better off with consoles unless you're happy with playing older games.
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