What memory should I get? What is the difference between these?

I have an msi mobo

I am wondering what the difference between these two is and which one will work with my motherboard is there a number of pins that I should be looking at or voltages?

one says 1.5v the other 969.. Thanks
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  1. Get the 1st one for $37, it has lower Cas Latency=9. For the voltages, you just set to auto in the BIOS then you will be fine.
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    First we'll look at the ram you have linked there, the first link, kit KHX16C9B1RK2/8X is for a dual channel kit (4GBx2) of 1600MHz with a CAS latency of 9 and an operating voltage of 1.65, the second, KHX1600C10D3B1/8G is a single module of 1600MHz ram with a CAS latency of 10 and operating voltage of 1.5
    Here is a 1.5v dual channel kit to directly compare against the 1.65v dual channel kit - closer to comparing apples to apples.
    There are two main differences outside of the price and color 1) different voltages, 2) different CAS latency.
    Intel recommends the use of 1.5v ram in their systems for the Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors.
    CAS latency numbers and what they are; CAS latency simply put, is the delay between the request for data and data fulfillment by the ram - measured in cycles. So there, lower numbers represent less delay (quicker)
    The kit I linked should work well but if you are looking for less expense, I can probably help there - may not be Kingston though
    Hope it helps
  3. thanks I will go with the red one, unless there are other brands around this price point that I should look at. I am running amd phenom 965 be and the 760gm p34 if that effects anything
  4. Nevermind most of my previous rantings, I was concerned you had an Intel board since I had an MSI Z77 board up already in a tab - kept referring to that board.

    The first kit you linked should work fine (the red ones)
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