8GB 1600mhz CL9 vs 8GB 1866mhz CL9

hey guys, stuck on buying memory.




The price difference is only about £5. I want to use my PC for gaming and some engineering software use like CAD but which memory will aid in overclocking an i5 3570k better because I have read that the ivy bridge doesnt support above 1600mhz without overclocking the memory manually under bios.

OR theres this aswell with CL8 but 1600mhz and lower voltage


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  1. If 5-pounds is not an issue, get the 1866MHz because it is still better.
  2. The 1866Mhz will be better for CAD & Rendering.
  3. neither memory is better for overclocking the k series are only cpu multiplier there is no fsb linked to ram overclocking as such (you can get 3 mhz on the fsb on a good day) i dont think its gonna make a big difference either way
  4. Ivy Bridge i5 CPUs can handle 1866 MHz, it's a question of if your motherboard can.
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