Audio Crashing with Onboard Memory

Hi there guys! I am in desperate need of help as I am currently having a problem with my onboard sound (I think it is most likely related to that but I am open to suggestions as to what else it could be). The problem that I am experiencing is that my sound to all applications and Windows is cutting off after anywhere from 5-20min of playing games or watching YouTube videos. When the sound crash occurs, no error pops up, no sounds are made and there are no sorts of notifications as to tell what had went wrong. Also affected is any sort of video that is being played in Google Chrome (My Default Browser), example on YouTube etc, the video will start to "lag" and play at half its normal speed.

I have tried to install the sound drivers (Realtek) that came with my motherboard CD, I have tried to install the latest sound drivers for my motherboard, I have tried to use the drivers that Windows installs by default if I do not install any drivers, I have tried re-installing Windows on 3 occasions now.

When I restart my computer, the problem is resolved but the cycle starts again and the sound only lasts for 5-20mins.

Things that I do for the problem to occur:
-Play games such as: Dota 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (basically any game I play triggers this sound crash)
-Watch YouTube videos
-Steam is running
-Teamspeak is running at times (but sound still crashed whilst this was uninstalled)

Things that I do that do not trigger the sound crash:
-Play audio (music only) using VLC Media Player and/or Windows Media Player
-Leave my PC on for extended amounts of time without doing anything with it (to check whether it is a time issue or not)

My motherboard: Intel DP55WB (Using onboard sound)

My speakers: Creative 5.1 Surround Sound speakers (can't remember the model)

My current sound drivers: Realtek AC'97 Drivers that came on my motherboard CD.

My current graphics drivers (not sure if this helps but it does seem to install the HD Audio Drivers (which I recently chose to not install when installing the graphic drivers), but sound still crashes with the NVidia HD Audio Drivers both installed and uninstalled): NVidia 310.70 Drivers

My current Direct X Version: 11

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit

Processor: Intel Core i7 860 (2.86GHz)

Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 560Ti

Harddrives: 64GB SSD (ADATA brand) and 3TB Seagate internal HDD

RAM: 4GB+4GB+2GB Ram sticks (Tried testing if the RAM was failing, but sound still crashes even when all RAM Sticks are individually inserted)

PSU: 720W Gigabyte Odin Power Supply Unit

Any Additional Information: I previously had this issue on my old 500GB hard drive but cannot remember how the problem was resolved (I think it gradually worked over time??? not 100% sure...) Then I bought my SSD and my 3TB internal HDD and installed Windows on the SSD and transferred all my data to my 3TB internal HDD. The problem has been occurring over since.

I have tried to be as thorough as possible in outlining my specs and any occurrences or error messages (lack thereof) and also what I have tried and failed with.

Please help me! This is quite an irritating problem and I have turned to every open door and failed to sort out this problem and I am also not sure purchasing a sound card would resolve this problem or not...

PS: This is my first time posting on Tom's Hardware! Please let me know if I had made any errors in conduct (or have posted this in the incorrect place) or lack of detail and I will attempt to fix them as promptly and as best as I can. Thanks again guys!
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  1. Very sorry guys, just realized I made an error in the title :( I mean onboard sound, not onboard memory :D
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