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I'm a total noob when it comes to memory. I've been trying to research the FSB:DRAM ratio but it's all super-technical jargon that goes right over my head. I know that my i5's BCLK is my FSB, and it's 100Mhz. I also know my RAM is 1333Mhz, and my system says I have a 1:5 ratio. I don't know anything else, I'm looking for answers or explanations to the following:

1. Is a 1:1 ratio something I should want? Is there any other ratio that would be better for different situations?
2. Is 1:1 something I SHOULDN'T want?
3. Should I alter my CPU base clock to adjust my ratio? If not, how else can I adjust this ratio?
4. I've heard people talk about 5:6. What's the benefit of this (if any)?
5. Is it possible to adjust my RAM's base frequency and multiplier individually?
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    1 no
    2 yes
    3 no
    4 different CPU's (older systems) but if you alter it to 5 / 6 you will be slowing the ram down to about 250-300MHz
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