6 year old monitor (Dell 2405FPW). Should I upgrade?


It has been about 6 years since I last bought a PC and I'm thinking it's time to upgrade. I've got a reasonably good idea of the spec I want to go for.

However, what I'm not sure about is whether I should upgrade my monitor at the same time.

I currently have a Dell 2405FPW:


I'm wondering whether I should upgrade to a more up to date model, e.g. the Dell UltraSharp U2410:


Have things moved on much? Is there that much difference? I don't want to drop a bunch of money on a shiny new PC, only to not get the most out of it because I'm using an old monitor.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I was in your *EXACT* situation about 1 month ago, I had a 2405 as my primary display.

    It's still a good monitor but I decided to ugprade to a 27" LED backlit HP unit. (2711x)

    It has pros and cons, I remember spending 600+ on my Dell LCD back in the day, I didn't have that much to blow on an ultrasharp this time around so I had to be a bit more economical. The biggest diference is goin from 1920x1200 to 1920X1080p.

    I don't know what your budget is but if its middle or lower you will be getting a 1080p monitor. Which is "okay" but to be honest I hate how the industry has for the most part followed suit with the TV industry and made 1080p the "popular" resolution. I'm used to gaming at 1920X1200.

    All being said, I'm very happy with my purchase, comparing 6 year old display tech to what's new today is literally like night and day. The new LED backlit monitors are super bright and much thinner and lighter.

    I picked up my 27" HP LED monitor from Fry's pricematched to newegg for 299.99 if your budget is more and you are looking at 24" sizes, you can get something pretty high end for 400-500 dollars that will likely last you another 6 years :)
  2. Thanks very much for the help ... it sounds like it's going to be worth adding a new monitor to the cart as well then!
  3. Interesting discussion as I'm still running a 2405FPW... Every year or so I look to see if the "perfect" monitor I'm looking for is out:

    27 inches
    1920x1200 (or better)

    The move to 1080p is silly, as it's one of the few examples of technology actually downgrading to meet the demands of users.

    Until I get the above setup, this 2405 is still a very capable monitor. I feel claustrophobic gaming on a 1080p...
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