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Hi all,

i recently bought my PSU antec TP 650w, first day i got no problem when i wake up next morning i turn on my pc i can hear a clicking sound on my PSU (im sure its my PSU because i've check everything else), then i tried restarting my pc after that the clicking sound gradually fades, until its gone. Then it happen again every time i cold start my PC, i just want to know if there is any workaround in this case, i dont want to keep restarting my pc just to let the sound fade away.

Also , i made a mistake of throwing the original box because i thought it will have no problem because its so amazingly silent, but now im worrying if its still worth RMA.

can anyone help what to do with my PSU
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  1. dont RMA it yet, is that aclicking sund loud or is it more like a HDD clicking sound(If you know how it sounds like) It's problem the PSU's fan's wire that its touching otherwise it's hitting the aluminium/heatsink on the PSU... Take fan out and put it back in but not sure if this avoid warranty...
  2. I'm guessing a stray wire in the fan blade. DO NOT remove the fan! They have a seal tape on the cover of the PSU and if it's broken, no warranty.
  3. thats what i thought as well, im still waiting for Antecs reply. for now i just want to know aside from the fan blade what else do you think the cause of the clicking sound
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    It's a manufacturing defect.

    The original box is not be required to obtain RMA service.

    Antec states "Be sure to package the product securely (preferably in its original packaging) and ship it postpaid." It doesn't say it must be in its original packaging.

    Antec will ask for, and you must provide, proof of purchase (store receipt or invoice) in order to receive warranty service.
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  6. thanks all for your reply, Antec already replied me , good thing theres a near distributor that i can replace my power supply, they just need the unit itself less cables and box, and they gave me the whole package, so cool. well anyway im gonna enjoy the silence of the PSU thanks again
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