XFX 6870 Crossfire Woes

Basically the title says it all. I decided to go with 2x 6870's in crossfire and have been nothing but disappointed. I update to the latest drivers every time they are released, and nothing seems to work. Is anyone else having issues with two of these in crossfire? Has anyone solved these issues? In most games I am getting extremely poor performance. Tearing, black screens, low FPS. Especially in games like Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3 Beta. Games like League of Legends or Starcraft 2 seem to run pretty decent on high settings, but I feel like neither of these are really graphic intensive vs some of the DX11 stuff coming out. Are there newer games out that these in crossfire can actually handle? Are there important OC'ing measures I am not taking? I am really just at a total loss with these cards and disappointed I didn't go with a single gtx580 or something.

Other things to note: A glitch with MSI afterburner. I used this to have my fans' auto setting altered so it wasn't so horrible, and I get crashes as it ramps speed up.

Other system Notes:
Windows 7 64bit SP1
4.2ghz OC'd i5-2500k
8gig ddr3 1600 corsair vengeance
p8p67 pro rev 3 mobo
750w modular power supply

I can post Dx diag, etc. If that Helps anyone.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Have you tried to download the ATI Catalyst Application Profiles. I had that same problem with a few game flickering and glitching.
  2. I am currently using the 11.10 preview driver and the latest ATI catalyst application profile I downloaded was CAP4. Maybe I am expecting too much out of these cards.
  3. Hi there,

    I'm going to chime in with some real basic stuff that I only learned recently, and you might already know this but I thought I'd share it anyway just in case.

    So I have 2 x XFX Black Edition 6870s in crossfire. I was also disappointed by the performance in some games and couldn't understand what the issue was, tried the preview drivers etc but was pretty dismayed with the FPS I was getting.

    Turns out I was making two very basic errors, as I was new to crossfiring.

    First off, I had the secondary card in a x4 PCI slot right next to the other card, instead of in the further away x8 slot. Moving the card to the x8 slot made a massive difference.

    Also I totally didn't realise that crossfire only works if you are running a game full screen! I prefered windowed mode on previous setups for the quicker alt tabbing etc, and didn't know that crossfire doesn't work in windowed mode!

    So the combination of moving the card to the correct PCI slot and making sure i'm always gaming in full screen has given me the performance I was hoping to see, like 120 FPS in Deus Ex maxed out and around 60FPS in Crysis 2 on ultra with all the texture packs etc, whereas before I was getting below 40.

    Hope this helps!

  4. I'm having issues with mine also. My secondary 6870 shuts off or something like that after about 5-10mins of my comp being turned on. I've got all the drivers updated and everything. I've tried switching them and they are in the correct slots. Everything in CCC comes up saying i have crossfire activated and I can see both cards. Then the second one shuts off and it says 0degrees and 0 usage and 20% fan speed. Sorry for the bad writing lol i just got off work and haven't had sleep in 26 hours lol. I'll try to add more info after I get up if its needed.
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