How to hook a second computer to the interrnet

I have a computer with D-Link wireless router, and have set up another computer in the house a long way from the router, what do I have to do to get an internet contection on the new site ?
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  1. If you are going for wired, just pull the cable and plug it in and you computer should start connecting to the network.

    I am guessing you are trying to connect wirelessly.

    did you setup the wireless and wireless security?

    does you computer have a wireless network card?

    if the network card is enabled, can you see you wireless network name (SSID)?

    if you see your SSID, click on it and connect, enter your wireless passkey, and you should be connected to the network.

    the thing that concerns me is you said the computer is long ways from the router.
    How far and how many walls?
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