Small piece of paper towel stuck in cpu socket

I couldn't get it out and already some pins are bent and maybe broken the computer is running fine now and i pushed the cotten to the corner away from the pins, will my cpu get damaged?
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  1. No. The paper is non-conductive.
  2. It could have been cotten from a cotten swab is that conductive?
  3. Can you spray this out with air duster? This may be a big no no when it comes to motherboards but I'm not sure.

    Would compressed air work at a low psi?

    These are just questions, not recommendations I am just wanting to get information on this as well

    Thanks T41CK
  4. doubt air duster would work unless you bend the pins and even then it can cause damage., so far temperatures are at 32 degrees celsius
  5. Maybe you could try te get a small pin or something similar and trying to get it out with that.
    Good Luck.
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