PC boots but no display!

Hello, i recently build a beast gaming PC.

- i5 2500k - CPU
- ASUS GTX 580 - Video Card
- 8GB RAM - Memory
- 1TB HDD - Hard Drive
- p8p67-M Pro - Motherboard

Today i was playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and my PC froze and started flashing or just went black with an error message popping up approximately 10 seconds later saying "Drivers are not working" or something along those lines. Then i rebooted and tried Dead Island and the Battlefield 3 Beta and the same problem kept on happening so i took out my Video Card and placed it back in and now everytime i boot nothing appears on my screen. I tried another Video Card and and used a Samsung TV and there is still not display. Everytime i replace the cable from PC in and out it pops up with a message on the screen saying "No Signal Detected". I've basically tried everything. What should i do? Please reply i am very worried with my PC.

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  1. Is your PSU powerful enough?
  2. 850Watt Antec High Current Pro
  3. I hope that you remembered to remove the power cord when you swapped you graphics cord, swapping graphics cards with power connected to the computer can damage both the graphics card and the motherboard. Are you sure that the graphics card is seated correctly? For now don't worry about screwing it in just make sure that it is seated correctly.
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