Dell Optiplex 960, low profile video card selection help

I'd like to add a low profile video card to my desktop size 960 w/E8600 CPU, 8Gb ram, DVD & 320Gb HD. The PS is rated @ 255w. Both PCI & PCIe x16 slots are available. Price isn't an issue. I just don't know what my power consumption limit should be and then what cards are good within that power limit. I don't mind shopping ebay for older models. I've seen suggestions for an HD 4350 based card. Can I do better?
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  1. What do you use it for?
  2. mostly business use
  3. The best you can do on low profile card is a 6750. But you are not going to game on it so it will be overkill. May be a 5450, but you still have to change the PSU.
  4. Thanks Pyree,
    I'm a real estate broker.
    I want to run a second monitor.
    I think my most demanding need is editing short home video tours.
    I'd rather not change the PSU.

    What would be below the 5450 that would not tax my PSU then?
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    I played around with it and I think the 5450 may actually work without psu change. But of course I don't know exactly how many device you have on your computer so I only put in the really standard component. You should try it.

    Second opinion on wether 5450 works with 255w psu?
  6. Thanks for the link, it's very helpful. I'd agree, this card should work with my current PSU.
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