Technical difference between dual core and core 2 duo processor

I have a MacBook Pro with an Intel Core Duo processor and want to upgrade to Core 2 Duo processor so that I can install the new OS X Lion 10.7.
What would you do to get this done? where?
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  1. The CPU cannot be changed out because Apple solders them to the motherboard, and that is if you can even get inside the damn thing. This goes for the aluminum body Macbook pros also.
    If you consider yourself gifted and you can unsolder about 200 pins and resolder the new CPU in, go ahead and upgrade but 99.999999% of the populace cannot do this (Probably not even repair shops) So if you're the 0.000001% that is gifted to change a macs CPU, go right ahead, XD

    The best thing to do is just buy a new mac :/ Or if you have the Apple care plan just try to get them to replace it :S
  2. You probably cant.

    The core 2 duo (C2D) was an evolution of the core duo processor, if you could the following would have to be true.
    1Your current processor must be removable (mac book airs were soldered to board, not sure about pro's)
    2Your current mobo must be the same socket type as a C2D
    3Your current mobo must be new enough to support the C2D, extra functionality was required in hardware of the socket when C2D released, not sure if this was required for Core Duo as well
    4You current mobo WILL need a bios upgrade so that it recognises the C2D chip and applies the right voltages etc.

    You might get away with 1, maybe 2, unlikely 3, and as its apple very unlikely 4.
  3. 13thmoneky is right, it's almost impossible, and he listed all the reasons it is.
  4. Thank you all for your responses. All very helpful and informative.
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