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hello everyone its my first ever computer build and Ive been doing a lot of research on what I'd fancy in my system, and i cant seen to make my mind up for the motherboard. I and looking into MSI more specifically because it has USB 3.0 and PCI 3.0 with SATA 6GB and supports crossfire "idk what that is but ill look into it" and i basically would like an opinion on what motherboard will be good for me. Im using it not only for gaming but for large file transfers "for my job" ,

any opinions on if i made a good choice or not please help me out!
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    As long as your processor is an Intel socket 1155 'k' model, you should do fine with that motherboard.
    Crossfire-X, more commonly referred to as X-fire is the ability to use two or more AMD graphics cards together to make a more powerful graphics interface - if done with two or more NVidia cards the term used is SLI - although they work in similar manner, they should not be confused since a motherboard certified for SLI may not be certified for X-fire and vise-versa, some motherboards have support for both (not at the same time - that was tried but seems to have been a bust)
    Hope it helps
  2. okay great i did change my MOBO to ASrock because they had the DVI cable port that the other one didn't have but your a great help!
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