Installing Windows 7 from FireWire Drive?

So NewEgg shipped my internal DVD drive from New Jersey (I am in CA) and I don't want to wait until tuesday to get this computer going.

This is a brand new build-- so how can I get this computer going without an internal drive? I have an external firewire DVD drive, and my mobo has firewire, but it isn't seeing the drive when I got into the Bios utility-- all it sees is my empty HD.

Any ideas on what I can do to make this firewire drive work-- or any other ideas on what I could do?
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  1. You say your using a firewire drive. Firewire was invented for Macs originally so did it come formated as a mac drive or is it formated as NTFS or FAT32?
  2. It is a DVD Drive in some sort of sled with FireWire in the back. It is a unit my dad used to use in his recording studio-- he is aMac man, of cours.
  3. My bad i thought i read Internal HDD. Nevermind my comment, im not to sure then about booting an external dvd drive because ive only worked with USB external dvd drives for booting a dvd. Because i know for a fact USB is plug in play which means you dont need a driver and it can boot straight off it. Firewire might not have that im not sure at least for your motherboard.

    Do you have a flash drive thats more than 4 gigs? If you do you can put windows 7 on it and boot the install straight off the flash drive with either the microsoft utility or win2flash.
  4. I was able to get it on a flash drive and installed with these instructions.
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