Ati hd 4350 problem

I Live in India, and about a month ago bought a ati hd 4350 1gb from a local dealer since I am not so a serious gamer and occasionally play fifa 11 and far cry2. I was also low on budget and so went for this cars which cost me around rs 3000.
Now about a week ago the monitor started blinking or would not start up. I then connected the monitor cable to the on board graphics (motherboard). The monitor wouldn't start up but when i removed the hd 4350 from the pci slot the monitor starts up when connected to the on board graphics.
Any help would be appreciated
My pc config is -
intel e2180
3 gb ddr2 ram
450 w power supply
stock intel cooling
160 gb hd
ati hd 4350 1 gb
Thanks in Advance,
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  1. Could be the ATI GPU is dead, since the monitor works with the onboard graphics. The ATI 4350 is not a very good gaming card. The other possibility is the power supply. You list a 450W but didn't state what brand.
  2. @cmichael138 thanks for your reply. my psu brand is rich tech 450 w. and one more thing when i start using the graphics card the monitor sometimes starts but in the middle some lines start coming and the monitor goes blank. But with the on board graphics everything is fine. Pls reply immediately i need help urgently. One more thing is my 450 w power supply enough for my hd4350 if ti may be the problem. :wahoo:
  3. The 4350 is a very low power card, even a crap 450 Watt PSU could run it. The fact that you are getting lines on the screen when using the card or no display at all would indicate that the GPU is dead. Best to go through the warranty process to get a replacement.
  4. @supernova1138 thanks for your reply i will definitely claim a new card and 1 more question is nvidia gt 520 a good graphics cars since it is also available for around rs 3000
  5. The GT 520 is a low end card. It's better than onboard graphics but don't expect much from it.
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